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★This article provides you the detailed information and also acts as a guide to help the IT managers, fintech managers, management executives, stakeholders, to understand how PCI DSS compliance can be applied in their organization’s business transactions with the customers' payment card’s data.

★The main objective is to eradicate the interoperability problems among the existing standards and to gradually reduce credit card fraud. Since the release of version 1.0 2004. It has been widely recognized and implemented across the globe.

★In addition to that following teams such as IT security management, network, server, application developers, database managers, legal, marketing, sales…

The Microsoft Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDL) is a software development process designed and published by Microsoft back in January 2004. It was based on the spiral model of the SDLC. In the initial period of development, it was manly benefited the company to reduce the maintenance costs of the software, and improve the reliability. Version 1 to Version 3 was not released to the public until January 2006. Version 3.2 was released in 2008.

★After the successor versions, Microsoft SDL practice focused more on the reliability part of the software, security vulnerabilities, threat modeling, compliance, reporting, cryptography Standards, and…

Google search engine tracks you continuously whether you are using chrome browser, or signed in-out of the google accounts. They keep doing it for analytical, research product improvement, the majority of its data collections for Advertisement targeting.

★Due to the recent bills from the European Union and U.S Congress on the privacy and security of individual users or consumers such as the Consumer Data Privacy and Security Act, Personal Data Privacy and Security Act, Secure Data and Privacy for Contact Tracing Act, Privacy and Security of Personally Identifiable Information, Online Privacy Protection, etc., …

You may or may not noticed that The Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry module occupies your computer “CPU memory” & “Power usage” and “Usage trend” at a certain point time.

Windows 10 operating system designed and built with tons of microtask to macro modules features, just imagine like an electron bombarded in an “Atom”. Alright, let’s get to the business cut the blah blah story.

What it’s the purpose:
★It’s a compatibility feature enabled by default in the Microsoft operating system after (windows 8.1 successors), it helps to gather information about the user telemetry data (Applications installed, Device driver types, unknown application…

“Vulnerability management is the cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities”.

1.Vulnerability management:

★Vulnerability management is an integral part of computer and network security, and must not be confused with a Vulnerability assessment. We discover vulnerabilities with a vulnerability scanner, which analyzes a system in search of known vulnerabilities, like open/insecure ports, software miss configurations, and susceptibility to malware infections. Unknown vulnerabilities, like a zero-day attack, identified with fuzz testing, which might identify certain types of vulnerabilities, as a buffer overflow with relevant test cases. Test automation can facilitate such analysis.

“Vulnerability management is the cyclical practice of…


The first thing that comes to our mind when we access our email is how to organize the received emails in the Inbox.
When it comes to Gmail, It surprising isn’t? that its recent paradoxical features are quite perplexing to the general group of users who aren’t a techie or even a techie who isn’t aware of it are all ended up with an amount of frustration and anxiety. Absolutely mortified to mention its paradoxical features in this article, I’m more or less know what’s expected of me but I’m not sure how to do it any differently. …

About OWASP:
The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a non-profit entity and an open internet community particularly dedicated to advocate organizations with cost-effective approaches in secure code development, secure code review, test, and maintain develop applications. The OWASP apply people, process, and technology pattern on existing and raising issues with the secure application development with OWASP provided libraries, security tools, and industry-standard materials. To ensures the project’s long-term success associated people in your organization with OWASP is a volunteer, including the OWASP board, chapter leaders, project leaders, and project members.

The OWASP Top 10–2017!

After the data collection…

1.Purpose and Scope:

★In this article, we will learn about the security incident phases, security incidents response planning (IRP), Incident Response Team Structures, and assist organizations in mitigating the risks. These proactive practical approaches and guidelines help both public and private sectors in preparing, detecting, analyzing, remediate, recovering, and post-incident analysis. We can able to use the suggested, use cases, guidelines, and solutions to meet and adjust according to our specific security and mission requirements.

★It has become an eminent component of information technology (IT) programs. Like a Big-Bang expansion, Cybersecurity-related attacks continually evolving, also causing more damage to the entities. Therefore every…

★In the past or present based on your Chrome usage behavior, you may come across the URL tab bar showing up the previous “search history” on your address bar.

★For some users in the last time, they logged onto their computer, this wasn’t happening, and you may be putting up with a lot of intriguing thoughts on what has changed, maybe the last chrome update did it? well, don't grain your brain energy on this simple matter.

★The objective of this guide is to provide a comprehensive review of the security principles with limited scope in terms of information. The primary goal of the software developing team is to use the available information resource to provide and build secure applications for your business and software operations. It could be obtained through the industry-standard implementation of security controls.

★This section specifically focuses on web applications and application infrastructure security, which can be applied on any deployment platform. This checklist is defined to help in developing high-level security elements and helps to overcome common vulnerability scenarios.

★The key factors…


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