SD-WAN Service Provider Evaluation Checklist for Enterprise

This evaluation section will provide complete guidance on asking the right questions, selecting an optimal SD-WAN provide service, and how to verify the key attributes that separate vendors from each other.


we designed this checklist to help enterprise customers, IT professionals, and management teams to understand the best onboard practices to familiarize themselves with the required key concepts to get started with SD-WAN service.

If you are just starting out with the SD-WAN service, see the Gartners SD-WAN Platform Overview.

SD-WAN six-Factor Analysis for Enterprise:

We break this six-factor analysis into a Checklist for enterprise down into the following sections.

Core Functions:

WAN Optimization
Application Optimization
Quality of service (QoS)
Deployment Choices


We recommend enterprises follow these checklists and use them for their existing and new applications prior to launch them on the vendor Platform. So, that recommended activities will go through a smooth transition, and the required timeline for each section vary upon the organizational planning and the SD-WAN Deployment they choose upon from the vendor.

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Sharing knowledge in the digital world about Cybersecurity, Technology, Space industry.